That's What Teens Say
An Immersive Personal Development & Storytelling Weekend Workshop
For Teen Girls
What You Will Learn From This Presentation:
Secret #1: What you simply MUST understand to work with teen girls. 
Teen girls can be hard nuts to crack sometimes - but knowing this ONE THING will help you connect with them with more ease and greater impact.
Secret #2: Who you need on your team to make a weekend teen program a success!
It takes a village to raise a child, but only a small team of dedicated individuals to make this weekend a memorable one for all - we will tell you who needs to be on your team! 
Secret #3: The most important thing you can teach the teen girls you work with.  
At the end of the weekend, the games, and the food, and the fun are awesome - but you want to make sure they leave knowing this ONE thing! 
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